Why a workshop?

It’s Monday morning and you’re looking through your diary for the week. Your diary is filled with meetings  and there’s pressure to move your product or project forward faster but a lack of clarity amongst your teams or departments is making it harder and slower. You wish there was a better, faster way to gather ideas, get decisions made and have an agreed way forward.

Our structured workshop processes are designed to create a space for you and your team to focus on the right question, gather ideas and get decisions made so that you can move your product, project, or business forward faster.

The best way to collaborate with your team

Our Workshops​

Based on the workshop style made famous by Google’s ‘Design Sprint’ method, our workshops always include:


To keep the process on track, decide who should talk when for how long, and not allow the workshop to devolve into a tradition meeting.

Visualised discussion

One of the key purposes of a workshop - key data is visualised and easily readable for everyone - for better understanding and visual, rather than memory, recall.

work alone together

We work towards the same goal but ideas are created individually to avoid ‘group think’ and ‘group bias’. Introverted team members share as many ideas as the confident speakers.

There is always a decision

Our workshops always have a Decider role/s and always end with executable actions and responsibility assigned so that work can continue and get done!

Strategy and Problem-Solving Workshops

1/2 day

Lightning Decision Jam

½ day problem solving and decision making workshop – to help solve any problem and come out with decisions and actions steps.

1 day


1 day workshop to help a team figure out the steps for executing a strategy or project. Ie. What are the steps involved and who should be doing what?

1 - 3 days

Strategy Sprint

1 to 3 day workshop or leadership retreat to help a team formulate their annual or quarterly goals and strategy.

Hey!Fugu Workshop facilitation
Hey!Fugu Workshops Team Facilitation

Product Design Workshops

Hey!Fugu Virtual Workshops using Miro Board with teams
Hey!Fugu Workhops

1 hour

Scoping Workshop – Free!

1hr workshop to help you figure out your current challenges, the unique value of your product/service and what areas you may want to address with a Design Sprint or alternative workshop. We offer this workshop for free for new customers who’d like to experience a remote workshop in action and get a feel for whether a workshop with us might be the right solution for you.

1 day

Product Feature Workshop

1 day workshop to help teams decide what new features should be prioritised and released next in an existing product or service.

2 - 5 days

Design Sprint

2 to 5 day workshop to solve big problems and test new ideas. This is a workshop for building better products with a process that starts at the problem and ends with a prototype and user testing.

hear it from them

what our clients have to say


Concerned that we may not achieve the outcome and your money will be wasted? If you feel the agreed outcome wasn’t achieved, we’ll refund you. Also check out our free Scoping Workshop if you’d like to get a ‘hands on’ experience of what we do.

Our workshops are generally run with 2 – 10 people.

While in-person workshops are always our preference, remote workshops work really well too if you have a geographically distributed team. We use a whiteboarding tool called Miro to make our remote workshops fun and effective.

Yes! We design and recommend workshops based on your desired outcome – tell us the outcome you’re looking for and we may design a custom workshop for you.

Interested in a workshop?

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